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about us

T.R.I. was established in 1997 as a company dedicated to comprehensive solutions for clients in terms of computing and office systems and consumables. Over time, we also began to focus on the rental of IT equipment. Today, rentals and related services represent the primary focus of our business. We will secure a comprehensive IT solution for your event. From computers, laptops, monitors, network elements, printers, scanners, copiers, through creating presentations and specialised software.

A significant part of our company is dedicated to the development of mobile applications, web projects, and client software. We specialise in event support software.

Since the very beginning, everyone at T.R.I. has put their maximum efforts into accommodating all of our clients and their often demanding requests, and we believe that we have found success.

gRnt - IT rental

Small private occasions or important events, small or large groups, local or global brands in the Czech Republic and abroad. We offer customised technical solutions for all types of events and clients. We are developers of client software for various platforms.


gCon - congress system

We have taken advantage of our many years of experience in the field for the development of a one-of-a-kind system for event digital content administration. It is a simple yet also highly complex technical solution for organisers of professional congresses.


gSee - digital signage

We have created a system for the needs of conference centres and hotels that manages the content of integrated multimedia screens. A system of customised templates will allow you to achieve the required display results with minimal effort.




we supported

Taxis Snow Polo


TERIBER moves Prague or Prima day with a bear: powered by ŠKODA AUTO

For several times we have become a technology partner of this event. It is a charity happening for the public organized by the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children.


The event organised by Junák – Czech Scouting occurs every two years in various places around the Czech Republic. We have been the partner of the Scouts’ technological equipment since 2009. We have already travelled to Josefov, Blansko, Švihov, Liberec, and Turnov.

Srdce na dlani

We have developed software for interactive donorship during charity events of this endowment fund.

Polní Chrčice

We operate a city-wide information system for sending text messages to residents. We are regular sponsors of the largest community event of the year, “Neckiáda.”

our team

Josef Blecha

communication with clients
event organization
Pavel Matějka

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operationg systems
Aleš Basík

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project management
3D graphics
Tomáš Bělina

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mobile applications
technical supervision
David Veselý

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mobile applications
technical supervision
Jakub Hlaváček

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project management
Powerpoint specialist
technical supervision
Tomáš Navrátil

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technical supervision
Powerpoint specialist
software testing
Andrej Zymin

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mobile applications
technical supervision